“RROMANO DIVES” ensemble — Tirana

The group RROMANO DIVES (Gypsy day) was formed five years ago and takes its name from the favourite old song “Sa e Roma daj!e … rromano dives ka keras daj!e…”(All the Rroms, o mother … we will make a Gypsy day, o mother — a Gypsy day means a great feast). All the members have grown up in families of musicians and acquired a solid reputation in all the countries they have visited: France (Opera Garnier in Paris, Palace of Europe in Strasbourg, Rennes music festival), Austria (Sankt Pölten festival), Germany (an 80 cities tour with André Heller’s “magneten”), Switzerland, Macedonia, Hungary (Congress for Peace)…

The singer Astrit Qerimi (called “Titi”) is one of the best performers of traditional Rromani songs in Europe; in the past, women would not sing, at least professionally, at weddings, although some of them would dance as “chenghie”; however, during the last ten years, some women did appear as talented singers: Marjeta Jashari (nicknamed “Ćirikli” — little bird) and Lida are the most famous of this first generation.

We chose one instrumental and fifteen vocals which reflect most aspects of Rromani music from Albania, which is still little known abroad. Most of these songs are famous old standards, but we have also included a few more recent compositions (texts by Jenuz Duka, music by Astrit Qerimi). One may notice how close the new songs are to the living tradition. A trained ear notices right away how unique this Rromani music is in Balkan folk music, not only in terms of melodic structure, but also of interpretation (called here: “durdipen”).