Rromani Baxt

Rromani Baxt Albania is a well respected NGO located in Tirana, Albania's capital city. The centre provides a range of vital services for the Roma community in the area. On our site you will find information about RBA's projects, goals, as well as facts about Rroms through out history and present-day Europe – with special consideration to Albania and other Balkan countries.


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The Rromani Baxt Albania is a non-profit organization. Its mandate is the popularization of the culture, art, traditions, and other pertaining values of the Rroma community, as well as the improvement of their educational, social, economic, cultural and political conditions.

Rroma Culture

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Rromani Baxt Albania collaborates with other organizations in Albania in Europe and worldwide. The centre appreciates any form of donation, as well as any interest in potential collaboration on a project, or becoming a partner. If you are interested in becoming a donor or partner, please contact: Mr. Pellumb Furtuna (Gimi) Rr. Halit Bega, Nr […]

Our latest Project


Right now RBA is running a kindergarten that welcomes children from ages 3-5 years old. The children are introduced to the beginner elements of the Albanian language, as well maintain their comprehension in the Rroma language. The children are provided breakfast and lunch, as well as transport by mini bus. By socializing with other children, increasing communication and literacy, as well as being taught other vital lessons, the aim is that the children will feel comfortable and prepared...